Belle da Barbiano

Belle da Barbiano
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dogs Wear Coats, People Need Garb

Being a dog is way easier than being a person.

When I'm going to an event, I need my coat brushed and my jewelry polished. That's it! I have my pink ID tag and my license *and* a blue tag that says "Caid." (Please tell Momma that getting dressed for an event does NOT mean getting a baff! Momma is not listenin' to me about that!)

People need da garbz, though. Momma has been sewing a lot. This week, she's making dresses. The sewing machine is noisy. At home, I hide under the table by Momma and chew on my bone. (Do not ever go by the peddle. The peddle is "No!")

We went to Bjo's to do patterns. Momma worked at the big table. Bjo sewed. Malie made da jewelryz. I napped under the sewing machine table by Bjo. Guinny and Onyx napped, too. Afternoons are good for naps, especially when it's hot.

Bjo has stuffed weights to hold down patterns so Momma can cut. The weights have cartoonz faces and look like toys, but they are *not* for chewing. Hrumph.  

Momma is excited about making the people garb. I'd rather have a new bone. But I like getting brushed to dress up for events. Woof!

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