Belle da Barbiano

Belle da Barbiano
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fighter Practice Tuesday Night - I Knowz da Rapierz!

Tuesday night fighter practice was very busy!

I've been around Da Rapierz since I was a puppy. (When I lived with all the other Brittanys, there was rapier practice at my house!) I live in Angels, now, and Da Rapierz here practice in the park. They were doing unit tactics. Lady Roisin was yellin' "Press! Press!" as her line moved forward. It was pretty cool.

Our practice has lots of heavies fighters, too. We call that Armored Combatz 'cause they wear real armor. They sure are noisy! The people with white belts especially made lots of clangs and other really loud noises. And people were always yelling "good!" Why is that? That means they just got killed in the fightin'! Don't worry, though. They're not really dead. They all get resurrected and fight each other again.

Poppa was fighting and working with the new fighters. Nicholas was in armor for the first time. He was really excited.

I got to do dog walking with Momma. Dog walking is my favorite part of fighter practice! We went around and around the part of the park where the fighters practice. Lady Malie did a lap with us and so did Joselino. When I got tired, I laid down and Momma talked about Arts and Sciences with our Baroness. Momma talked to lots of other people, too, but I didn't pay attention. I was watching the Rapierz and the Armored Combatz. And I drank water from my new collapsible water dish.

I was so tired, I fell asleep in the car on the way home. I like fighter practice! Woof!

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