Belle da Barbiano

Belle da Barbiano
Playing My SCA Personna

Monday, August 29, 2011

I Got to Visit Tina!

I am so pretty! I got a shampoo and a pedi-pedi. And I got a haircut. Yay!

I'm getting in shape for GWW. I'll be walking lots and lots and lots there. Momma and Poppa and I volunteer at Gate and in A&S. Volunteering is fun! 

So Momma and I walk a mile every day. The hair on my tummy kept getting snarled from my harness, though. Hrumph! Momma brushed me and brushed me. I like getting brushed! But I still kept getting mats. Mats are no fun!

So, Momma took me to see my friend, Tina, at the Dog Zone. Tina is very good with shy doggies. Yay, Tina! She always lets me hang out in my favorite kennel! Now I have a pretty new summer hair style, and the hair on my tummy is very short. No more harness mats! And Tina gave me a new scarf! It has flowers!

I like being pretty! And I like wearing my harness and walkies. And I like volunteering! Yay, Tina! Woof!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dogs Wear Coats, People Need Garb

Being a dog is way easier than being a person.

When I'm going to an event, I need my coat brushed and my jewelry polished. That's it! I have my pink ID tag and my license *and* a blue tag that says "Caid." (Please tell Momma that getting dressed for an event does NOT mean getting a baff! Momma is not listenin' to me about that!)

People need da garbz, though. Momma has been sewing a lot. This week, she's making dresses. The sewing machine is noisy. At home, I hide under the table by Momma and chew on my bone. (Do not ever go by the peddle. The peddle is "No!")

We went to Bjo's to do patterns. Momma worked at the big table. Bjo sewed. Malie made da jewelryz. I napped under the sewing machine table by Bjo. Guinny and Onyx napped, too. Afternoons are good for naps, especially when it's hot.

Bjo has stuffed weights to hold down patterns so Momma can cut. The weights have cartoonz faces and look like toys, but they are *not* for chewing. Hrumph.  

Momma is excited about making the people garb. I'd rather have a new bone. But I like getting brushed to dress up for events. Woof!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fighter Practice Tuesday Night - I Knowz da Rapierz!

Tuesday night fighter practice was very busy!

I've been around Da Rapierz since I was a puppy. (When I lived with all the other Brittanys, there was rapier practice at my house!) I live in Angels, now, and Da Rapierz here practice in the park. They were doing unit tactics. Lady Roisin was yellin' "Press! Press!" as her line moved forward. It was pretty cool.

Our practice has lots of heavies fighters, too. We call that Armored Combatz 'cause they wear real armor. They sure are noisy! The people with white belts especially made lots of clangs and other really loud noises. And people were always yelling "good!" Why is that? That means they just got killed in the fightin'! Don't worry, though. They're not really dead. They all get resurrected and fight each other again.

Poppa was fighting and working with the new fighters. Nicholas was in armor for the first time. He was really excited.

I got to do dog walking with Momma. Dog walking is my favorite part of fighter practice! We went around and around the part of the park where the fighters practice. Lady Malie did a lap with us and so did Joselino. When I got tired, I laid down and Momma talked about Arts and Sciences with our Baroness. Momma talked to lots of other people, too, but I didn't pay attention. I was watching the Rapierz and the Armored Combatz. And I drank water from my new collapsible water dish.

I was so tired, I fell asleep in the car on the way home. I like fighter practice! Woof!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wool Blankies

Momma just washed Calliope Kitty's winter blankie. Calliope wants it back NOW, but Momma says we can't put a heavy wool blanket in the dryer. The blankie is hanging to dry in the kitchen. Calliope is pouting in the laundry room.

I think I need a cookie.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Lampwork Beads Class

Hi, Everybody!

I'm starting a blog, and this is my very first post. I'm very excited!

I'm going to tell you all about the fun stuff I do in the SCA. (The long people words for that are The Society for Creative Anachronism.) I go to lots of SCA events. Yesterday, I went to an Arts and Sciences class yesterday at Picnic in the Park. The people got to make lampwork beads. Some beads were plain and some had spots!

I walked around the park. I tried out a new collapsible water dish, too.  I was testing it for a class about keeping pets comfy in the Modern Middle Ages. The teacher will give out the water dishes at the class. I liked my dish a lot. Woof!

My people liked their beads. Poppa did fighter practice, too. He fights in armor! It's very noisy, so I sat with Momma and watched.

Some falcons flew over us in the trees. Momma said they looked like juveniles. They were practicing flying. They're very pretty, especially when they spread their wings way wide. Momma tried to take pictures, but the birds were way too fast!