Belle da Barbiano

Belle da Barbiano
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Monday, August 29, 2011

I Got to Visit Tina!

I am so pretty! I got a shampoo and a pedi-pedi. And I got a haircut. Yay!

I'm getting in shape for GWW. I'll be walking lots and lots and lots there. Momma and Poppa and I volunteer at Gate and in A&S. Volunteering is fun! 

So Momma and I walk a mile every day. The hair on my tummy kept getting snarled from my harness, though. Hrumph! Momma brushed me and brushed me. I like getting brushed! But I still kept getting mats. Mats are no fun!

So, Momma took me to see my friend, Tina, at the Dog Zone. Tina is very good with shy doggies. Yay, Tina! She always lets me hang out in my favorite kennel! Now I have a pretty new summer hair style, and the hair on my tummy is very short. No more harness mats! And Tina gave me a new scarf! It has flowers!

I like being pretty! And I like wearing my harness and walkies. And I like volunteering! Yay, Tina! Woof!

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